Rolling Back UltraVNC

In the latest build of VNCScan, we needed to roll back to the previous UltraVNC 1.0.8 server and viewer.  According to our friends at UltraVNC, there is a pretty serious bug in the latest version of their server.   You can read about it here.

While they are working feverishly to fix the bug, we’ve decided to release an update to VNCScan to deploys and uses the previous stable release of UltraVNC. 

If you have already deployed the UltraVNC 1.0.9 and are experiencing problems, you can fix them by installing this 2011.3.15 update of VNCScan Console, then re-deploy UltraVNC to those desktops.

Download: VNCScan 2011.3.15.exe

  • Doug Peeples

    When I rolled back to UltraVNC 1.0.8 when after updating to 2011.3.15.218, I lost the ability to CTRL-ALT-DELETE to login into a Windows 7 client once connected with VNC. These was resolved with the prior update. What are my options?

  • Anonymous

    Can you please try upgrading to the new version, re-deploying UltraVNC to the remote computer(s) and re-testing? The new version addresses this.