Calling All Beta Testers!

*Updated 1-25-2012 6:30PM EST

You can download the latest beta of VNCScan Database Edition here.


Importing Existing Groups and Computers

If you are upgrading, you will be presented with the following dialog box upon first run:


Once you select Yes, you will be taken to the following dialog:


Pressing the Import button will pull all of your groups and computer information from your XML files into the new database.  Once the import is complete, it will close and present you with the new main form.

Sharing Computers and Groups

You can now share your computers and groups with the rest of your team members.  Here’s How!

  1. Create a folder on a commonly mapped network location.  You MUST map a common drive letter.  A \UNC path causes problems.
  2. Change the location of the data on the MASTER computer as shown below:support-files
  3. Choose “Yes” when asked to copy your files.
  4. Perform step 2 on all of the other computers but when asked to copy the files, say “No”

Other Improvements

  •  The performance and reliability of the background scanning has been vastly improved.  It uses 80% less CPU cycles and uses 95% less memory overhead
  • If you have ever experienced the bug that caused your groups or computers to disappear, you can say good riddance to that one in this version
  • Managed groups with a lot of computers in them should load in a fraction of the time
  • Computer search (in the upper right of the main form) speed has been increased by over 90%
  • Performance improvements have been made to many common forms such as the computer properties window
  • Some people saw a phantom group show up frequently named “Creation Date”.  No more.