Whitepaper – UltraVNC Encryption Overview

Introduction Bozteck VENM Console can deploy UltraVNC with session level encryption enabled. This is recommended in network environments where you fear that your VNC session may be “sniffed” from the network and replayed back without your knowledge. The risk of someone successfully doing this on your LAN is very low as it does require a Read more about Whitepaper – UltraVNC Encryption Overview[…]

SSH Connections in VNCScan

Version 2009.1.5 has been released to the public! New in this release: New: SSH has been added to VNCScan due to popular demand! You can rght-click a computer, choose connect and then choose SSH as the method. Alternatively, you can set SSH as the default connection method in the group or computer properties depending on Read more about SSH Connections in VNCScan[…]