Bozteck VENM Screenshot

Bozteck VENM Remote Introduction

As IT Professionals, our time is precious.  Bozteck VENM is one of those essential tools that gives you some of that time back by packing over 30 powerful remote management and automation functions into a single $69 console. If you haven’t downloaded this tool yet, you can get it from here. Here are my top 7 Read more about Bozteck VENM Remote Introduction[…]

Great resource for remote CMD scripts!

One of our users has created a website to share his scripts.  There are some really useful ones up there so it may be worth your time to browse them. You can use these scripts in VNCscan to remotely manage your computers.  Here’s how: From the main menu, click Tools Click “Scripting and Commands” Click Read more about Great resource for remote CMD scripts![…]

Sharing Scripts On A Network

As you probably know, VENM allows you to push and execute many types of scripts remotely on PC’s that are connected to your network (and that you have administrative access to). We’ve been getting a ton of requests for the ability to share these amongst administrators on your network. By default, the scripts are in Read more about Sharing Scripts On A Network[…]