Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager

How To Change DNS Server Settings Remotely

Overview This article will walk you through changing the DNS server using NetSH on remote computers with the remote scripting features in Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager. Bozteck VENM (VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager) lets you extend its numerous built in remote management capabilities by creating your own scripts that you can push and execute on the Read more about How To Change DNS Server Settings Remotely[…]

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager – Getting Started

This video tutorial video introduces you to Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager.   You will learn how to: Download and install VENM on Windows Server 2012 R2 Configure administrative login Create and edit management groups Import computers from Active Directory Configure the network IP scanner Bozteck VENM is a powerful Remote Desktop and Systems Management Read more about Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager – Getting Started[…]

Remote Desktop

Beyond Remote Desktop

Download free at Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager is a collection of the many remote desktop and network management tools that I have needed over the years wrapped into a single intuitive console. VENM  (formerly VNCScan) uses Microsoft’s secure RDP as well as the option of open source VNC services to connect remotely to Read more about Beyond Remote Desktop[…]

Run PowerShell Scripts Remotely

Overview With Bozteck VENM, you have the ability to run your own PowerShell scripts remotely on PC’s connected to your network.  This article will explain how to accomplish this easily. Prerequisites The remote computers must have WinRM enabled in order to run PowerShell scripts from remotely. If you do not have WinRM enabled and attempt Read more about Run PowerShell Scripts Remotely[…]

Version 2007.12.12.122 Released

Download: Release Notes: 2007.12.12.122 New: We put a line in the help/about box to tell you how many more days of free upgrades are left for your product key. Also, when you click the link inside of the console to download an update, it will warn you if your free upgrade period has expired. Read more about Version 2007.12.12.122 Released[…]