Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager

How To Change DNS Server Settings Remotely

Overview This article will walk you through changing the DNS server using NetSH on remote computers with the remote scripting features in Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager. Bozteck VENM (VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager) lets you extend its numerous built in remote management capabilities by creating your own scripts that you can push and execute on the Read more about How To Change DNS Server Settings Remotely[…]

Remote screen capture

Classroom Remote Screen Capture and Archiving

While teaching a class it is often important to have the ability to capture what is happening on the desktops of your students in order to help them better and to ensure an orderly classroom environment. Bozteck VENM can easily capture your classroom desktop screen shots in intervals that you define and place them into a Read more about Classroom Remote Screen Capture and Archiving[…]

Remote Hosts File Editor

The latest release of Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager (Formerly known as VNCScan) now has an easy way to edit the HOSTS files on your remote servers and PC’s. Editing HOSTS files is still very common when building new SharePoint, System Center, and other enterprise systems in a development environment before pushing it to a Read more about Remote Hosts File Editor[…]

Enable Microsoft RDP Remotely

Overview VNC is a great way to gain remote access to a server or PC desktop but it may not be the best performing method for all occasions.  In those situations, I like to use Microsoft RDP due to it’s faster refresh and compression. The challenge is that Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) is not enabled Read more about Enable Microsoft RDP Remotely[…]

UltraVNC Deployment

Starting with Bozteck VNCScan version 2014.8.25, you can now remotely deploy the latest UltraVNC server version to your servers and desktops.  In addition, the VNCScan console now uses the latest UltraVNC viewer by default. You do not need to change anything with your existing UltraVNC deployment profiles for this to work.  Simply re-deploy UltraVNC Read more about UltraVNC Deployment[…]

Share Your Desktop Screen With Others

Overview If you want to share you screen with others on your network, you can do this from VNCScan using the remote scripting tool.  This will soon be a built in feature but until then, you can “hack” the solution together this way. Instructions Open the script editor as shown below: Choose to create a Read more about Share Your Desktop Screen With Others[…]

Calling All Beta Testers!

*Updated 1-25-2012 6:30PM EST You can download the latest beta of VNCScan Database Edition here. ‘ Importing Existing Groups and Computers If you are upgrading, you will be presented with the following dialog box upon first run: Once you select Yes, you will be taken to the following dialog: Pressing the Import button will pull Read more about Calling All Beta Testers![…]

Great resource for remote CMD scripts!

One of our users has created a website to share his scripts.  There are some really useful ones up there so it may be worth your time to browse them. You can use these scripts in VNCscan to remotely manage your computers.  Here’s how: From the main menu, click Tools Click “Scripting and Commands” Click Read more about Great resource for remote CMD scripts![…]