Bozteck VENM Screenshot

Bozteck VENM Remote Introduction

As IT Professionals, our time is precious. ¬†Bozteck VENM is one of those essential tools that gives you some of that time back by packing over 30 powerful remote management and automation functions into a single $69 console. If you haven’t downloaded this tool yet, you can get it from here. Here are my¬†top 7 Read more about Bozteck VENM Remote Introduction[…]

Thumbnailed Remote Screen Captures in VENM Console

Overview Bozteck VENM Console includes a powerful remote screen capturing feature. This feature does not require that VNC or any other remote screen sharing software be installed in order to work. There are a few system requirements on the remote computer end, however. Those requirements are as follows: UnFirewalled ports 443 (TCP) and 139 (UDP, Read more about Thumbnailed Remote Screen Captures in VENM Console[…]