Bozteck VENM Console Updated

We put out an update to the VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager tool yesterday.  This is considered a refresher update with some bug fixes wrapped in.  There is significant development happening in the beta builds but it’s not ready for public consumption yet.

The biggest news with this update is the new release of UltraVNC server and viewer.  We’ve seen a very nice increase in screen performance and stability in this release of UltraVNC.

The deployment tool had been upgraded to deploy this new version seamlessly.  There is no need to recreate your deployment profiles that were configured to deploy the previous 1.0.5 release.

  • Paul

    Is there an issue with using the “Check VNC version” command? I deployed the latest from Bozteck, but that mentioned command does not refresh the version number. Cheers.

  • Cmac

    Just upgraded to 2009.7.21. The new Vnc client keeps hanging on me. I get message Error reading protocol version. Possible causes: You’ve forgotten to select a DSMPlugin and the Server Users a DSMPlugin.

    any ideas?

  • admin
  • robertcameron

    ever since we put this update on we have to periodically push the client out again. we will stay connected for awhile and the lose connections. we can not reconnect with pushing the client out again. Is it us or is there an issue with the ultra 1.0.6 client

  • sbostedor

    That's odd. Are you getting an error?

  • It would be nice if I could get a license for the product? How do you get in touch with these guys. Chat never works, emails ignored and voice mail message just left and we wilol see.

    • sbostedor

      Hi Thomas. I believe that we are communicating via email at the moment. Is this a separate occurrence?