How To: RDP or VNC to Multiple Computers On Same Published IP Address

This article will show you how to connect to multiple computers on the same IP address within the same managed group in Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager.


Bozteck VENM is a Remote Desktop Manager that lets you completely manage your RDP and VNC installations in a single console.  To help you organize your connections, you can add them into groups.  One thing to keep in mind when adding computers to groups is that the host name is the database primary key.  This means that you can only add a host name to a group one time.

We often get support requests asking how to get around this limitation so that a user can have many connections to the same published IP address using different ports.  This is a common scenario if you are publishing RDP or VNC through a firewall on a shared IP using alternate port numbers.

Method #1 – Use separate groups

One way around this limitation is to create a separate group for each port number and add the same computer to each group while changing the RDP or TCP port number.  You can change the RDP and VNC port number by right-clicking the computer and choosing “Properties.”

Alternate RDP Port Alternate VNC Port

Method #2 – Connect Using IP Address

You can add two computers with the same IP address to the same group as long as you change the HostName property on the computer and check the box to connect using IP address instead of the HostName.  This sort of turns the HostName field into an alias that is not used in any way when connecting.

Change the computer HostName in the computer properties Multiple computers with the same IP on different ports
2016-04-26_2208 Multiple computers One IP Address


This is a legacy database design issue that should be corrected in a future release coming soon.  For the time being, one of these two methods should get you up and functioning with shared IP addresses in Bozteck VENM