Default Connect Action – Bozteck VENM

Did you know that you can choose what connection action happens when you double-click on a device in Bozteck VENM? By default, VENM will attempt to connect to a VNC server on the remote computer unless you step in and make a change in the group or device preferences depending on the scope that you’d like Read more about Default Connect Action – Bozteck VENM[…]

Background Device Monitoring with Bozteck VENM

Everyone knows that Bozteck VENM is a user friendly way to manage all of your devices using RDP, VNC, SSH, and custom scripting. Today, I want to show you a lesser known feature in VENM that allows you to easily keep your device information fresh using the background scanning functionality.

Remote Safe Mode Reboot With VNC

Overview This article will show you how to remotely reboot your networked Windows computers into safe mode using Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager with the ability to remote control them while in safemode using VNC. As Systems Administrators, most of us have found ourselves walking into work on a Monday morning with users reporting a Read more about Remote Safe Mode Reboot With VNC[…]

Background DNS Updates for VENM Console

Overview Starting with version 2014.3.30, VNCScan will automatically crawl your groups and update the DNS to IP resolution for each computer.  In this process, it will also ping the new IP address to ensue that it is alive.  If it is alive, it will update the “Last Up” field in the list for that computer. Read more about Background DNS Updates for VENM Console[…]

IT Unwrapped Show

Steve Bostedor, the Founder and CTO of Bozteck has started a new podcast focused at the IT Admin for small to mid-sided companies.  There are other great podcasts focusing on the very large enterprises so this show will focus on issues that you may face with solutions that your company can afford.

VNCScan UltraVNC Fixes for Windows Authentication

In recent releases of UltraVNC, there have been a few “growing pains” that needed to be worked out.  The 10.25 release should alleviate these pains and allow you to resume pushing out UltraVNC with Microsoft Windows Authentication (MsAuth) again.    Once you’ve upgraded to the latest release, you can simply re-deploy your existing UltraVNC profile Read more about VNCScan UltraVNC Fixes for Windows Authentication[…]