KB2918614 Causing UltraVNC Deployment Error 1603

Overview We have had numerous reports of a Microsoft update KB2918614 that is breaking the Windows Installer functionality in Windows 7 and up.  Microsoft has confirmed that this to be a problem so we suggest that you block this update until they release an updated patch.  This is causing remote deployments to return an error Read more about KB2918614 Causing UltraVNC Deployment Error 1603[…]

Enable NLA on Windows XP for RDP

Overview Windows XP presents some barriers to Remote Desktop (RDP) when connecting to computers with Network Level Authentication (NLA) enabled.  Luckily, Microsoft has released a couple of hot fixes and VNCScan has written into it a feature that still allow you to connect to Windows 7 and above computers with NLA enabled. You will need Read more about Enable NLA on Windows XP for RDP[…]

VNCScan Network Troubleshooting (Part 1)

Introduction VNCScan is a powerful tool that can you can use to administer most aspects of computer management.  The vast majority of our feedback says that we’ve done a great job so far of making the tool as intuitive and easy to use as possible for a program with this large of a feature set.  Read more about VNCScan Network Troubleshooting (Part 1)[…]

Data Files, Folders, and Locations

The recent changes in VNCScan has revealed some confusion regarding the data files, their locations, and what they all do.  For a historical primer, you may want to start with this blog post. Key Data Folders The data files are stored in three key folders; Data – Stores all of your program settings, group settings, Read more about Data Files, Folders, and Locations[…]

More False Positives from McAfee

McAfee Antivirus is falsely detecting VNC remote control software as a malware and deleting it upon detection. This is causing a major problem for a lot of remote management tools that rely upon this popular open source software to operate. If you are using McAfee on your network, you can use the following detection log Read more about More False Positives from McAfee[…]

Error: Could not write to [path]vncscan.cmd

We’ve had a few reports of the error: Error writing to “C:users[username]appdataroamingbozteckvncscan console.net2008.8.6.231vncscan.cmd This error occurrs when the beyondexecv2.exe is missing from the program folder. The quick way to fix this is to do an add/remove of vncscan and then run the setup again. The manual fix for this is to copy the beyondexecv2.exe file Read more about Error: Could not write to [path]vncscan.cmd[…]

Error: Multiple connections to a server or shared … are not allowed.

You may get an error stating: “Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed” when deploying VNC to remote computers or running scripts remotely. Information This error goes way back to the early days of Windows networking and it’s shameful that Microsoft Read more about Error: Multiple connections to a server or shared … are not allowed.[…]

Disabling Firewalls for Management

I’ve had a lot of requests for a way to disable XP firewalls on the network or at least open up the required ports to remotely manage the computers. If your workstations are protected by a NAT translating router with a decent firewall built into it, there is typically little need for the XP desktop Read more about Disabling Firewalls for Management[…]