Bozteck Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager by Bozteck

This video demonstrates that Bozteck VNCScan can: Deploy VNC over the network silently Connect to RDP neatly in tabs Take automated screen shots of remote computers and archive them Execute scripts on remote computers Remotely enable VNC encryption and Active Directory authentication SSH into network devices, Linux computers, and Mac computers Open CMD prompts on Read more about Remote Desktop Manager by Bozteck[…]

Deploy UltraVNC with Windows Login and Encryption

Deploy UltraVNC with Windows Login and Encryption

Deploy UltraVNC with Windows Login and Encryption This article will walk you through the process of deploying UltraVNC silently to your workstations and servers.  We will also cover the simple process of enabling SecureVNC encryption and windows login. This article uses version 2016.5.4 of Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager. First, we will create a deployment Read more about Deploy UltraVNC with Windows Login and Encryption[…]

VENM RDP Tabs Screen Capture

More Remote Desktop Tab Updates in VENM 2016.5.4

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager version 2016.5.4 has been released with more updates to our tabbed RDP interface as requested by an enormous number of our users. Announcing with version 2016.5.4, you can now reorder your RDP tabs in any way that you would like!  You can also close individual tabs by clicking on the X in Read more about More Remote Desktop Tab Updates in VENM 2016.5.4[…]

Remote Desktop Tabbed View Changes 1

RDP Tabbed View Changes in VENM 2016.5.1

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager has introduced a few significant changes in the RDP tabs in version 2016.5.1.  Below, you will see an overview of each of them. Close Tab When Logging Off You can now select this check box in the main program preferences to tell VENM that you’d like the selected RDP tab Read more about RDP Tabbed View Changes in VENM 2016.5.1[…]

Bozteck VENM Screenshot

Bozteck VENM Remote Introduction

As IT Professionals, our time is precious.  Bozteck VENM is one of those essential tools that gives you some of that time back by packing over 30 powerful remote management and automation functions into a single $69 console. If you haven’t downloaded this tool yet, you can get it from here. Here are my top 7 Read more about Bozteck VENM Remote Introduction[…]

Happy Sysadmin Day from Bozteck!

HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY!!! I know that you get very little thanks from those who need you the most and I can’t let that happen here at Bozteck! You are the reason that VENM exists and I am truly thankful for each person who has supported us through the years with license purchases and awesome feedback! Read more about Happy Sysadmin Day from Bozteck![…]

Bozteck VENM Upgrade Pricing

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop has always been the most affordable remote systems management tool of it’s kind. Today, keeping current on the latest version is even more affordable! Current Licensing Model Every per-admin license includes a full year of free upgrades. Every site license includes TWO full years of free upgrades for your entire company. Read more about Bozteck VENM Upgrade Pricing[…]

Remote Desktop

Beyond Remote Desktop

Download free at Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager is a collection of the many remote desktop and network management tools that I have needed over the years wrapped into a single intuitive console. VENM  (formerly VNCScan) uses Microsoft’s secure RDP as well as the option of open source VNC services to connect remotely to Read more about Beyond Remote Desktop[…]