VNC, PSEXEC and Antivirus False Positives


Understandably, many antivirus and desktop security programs flag remote administration software such as VNC, PSEXEC, and VENM as possible malware due to their ability to remotely run programs over the network and remote control desktops.

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager is developed in a very sterile isolated environment and every component that is included with the product is carefully vetted and strictly managed.  You can be sure that if the file comes from our website, it is 100% safe and original.

To prevent your desktop security software from getting in the way of your successful remote administration, you should white list a few key directories and software components.


You will want to disable your real time virus scanner during the installation process so that it does not prevent the files from being installed.

  • Whitelist: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bozteck” and all sub folders beneath that
  • Whitelist:  C:\fastpush and all folders and files beneath that.
  • You should make a network wide exclusion for the following files:
    • psexec.exe
    • winvnc.exe
    • vncviewer.exe
    • ultra109.exe (the x86 deployment package)
    • ultra109x64.exe (the x64 deployment package)

If you find that any other files or locations are being trapped by antivirus desktop software, please send an email to and we will investigate immediately.

  • Rajeev Singh

    Nice article! Ive tried the remote access of ESET Antivirus and it runs smoothly as how you described this software too

    • admin

      Awesome, thank you for the feedback!