Thank You!



In the United States, the last Thursday of November is a day of Thanks Giving.  Every day, I am thankful for everyone who has supported Bozteck VNCScan and have contributed to it’s success. 

VNCScan was born in the summer of 1998 and made it’s debut to the public in the Winter of 1999.  It has undergone many renovations and improvements over the last 15 years thanks to some brilliant ideas and contributions submitted by you guys.

There are some exciting things coming in the near future from us at Bozteck and I can’t wait to deliver them when they are complete.

Until then, I hope that you accept my warm feelings of gratitude and I look forward to showing this feeling with our continued focus on supporting and enhancing Bozteck VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager (VENM).

Steve Bostedor
Founder and CTO