Happy New Year! Version 2009.1.1 Released!

What better way to bring in the new year than a new release of VNCScan, right? We took some of our most requested features and rolled them into this update release. Here’s a run down of the release notes for this release:


  • New: Background pinging! Now you can always know when your computers are available or when they need to be booted up before connecting to them. You can keep track of the last time they were polled and the last time that the computer was seen on the network.
  • New: Logs the last access time and date and places it in the main computer list for easy access.
  • Fix: IP addresses now sort properly
  • More fixes and minor enhancements

We wish all of you the greatest year ever!

Thank you,

Steve Bostedor
Founder and President

  • Darrin

    Hello from a former Jackson, MI Police Officer turned Technology Consultant / Network Administrator!!

    Just downloaded your 2009.1.1 release and have been trying it out — really serves my needs well. I administer about a dozen networks for various clients up here in Alpena, MI…

    Love the product so far — keep up the good work!!