Bozteck Website and Blog Refresh

If the layout of this blog looks out of whack, it is likely because you’re reading it in the embedded browser of an older version of Bozteck VENM. If you update to the latest version, it will look much better for you.

The Bozteck website and blog has underwent some pretty significant changes over the weekend and the change isn’t fully completed.  We still have a lot of content to migrate from the old site.

The move was inspired by our hosting provider, Godaddy.  It appears that we were on the remaining dregs of a server farm that they were trying to phase out and that resulted in a sudden slow down of our website over the past few days.  It often reached the point of complete time outs and server errors.

This sent me into a rapid website building frenzy on completely new servers so that I could get everything speedy for you guys by the time that you launch your consoles and update Monday morning.  This includes making some changes to the Bozteck VENM console so that the embedded browser can display the blog without going into compatibility mode.

Over the next few weeks, the website will be updating with more content.  For now, I’m just happy that pages are loading.