Bozteck Hits The Big Screen


Bozteck has agreed to write a custom adaptation of our popular VNCScan Enterprise Manager software to be used in the production of many popular television shows including Criminal Minds, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more!

Khaos Digitali.solve inc. and Impact Media Productions are using customized versions of our software on the sets of some of the most popular TV shows and movies coming out of Hollywood.

We are very excited to see the magic that these companies are making on the big screen using adaptations of the very same software that you use every day to manage your network!

They are also using proprietary Bozteck software to remotely send control commands to multiple remote computers simultaneously or in a synchronized fashion.  This frees the actors from the need to remember which button to press.  It also is used to create scenes where multiple on-screen computers must perform the same task simultaneously on queue.

TheBigGameIn this scene of Season 2, Episode 14 entitled “The Big Game”, our software was used for the first time on television to control all of the monitors seen in this picture from a single keyboard simultaneously.

According to Impact Media Productions President, Dauv McNeely, the software that we have written allows for scenes like these to be produced with ease that was never available before in Hollywood.

On a related note, Bozteck has been powering remote access technology at the live Oscars Awards shows for many years, now.


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