May 24, 2018

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Version: 2022.2.2

Documentation: Getting Started with Bozteck VENM

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Recent Change History


  • Updated to the latest release of UltraVNC Server and Viewer
  • Security patches and hardening
  • Updates for the latest changes in Windows 10 builds (preview versions)

<insert long gap with missing change history>


  • Bug and security fix rollup for December 2018


  • Updated UltraVNC viewer and server deployment to the latest release of each
  • May rollup update packed with fixes and other updates


  • March rollup update.  Contains new features and bug fixes!


  • bug fix and security update roll-up release


  • Pack filled with bug fixes and new stuff!
  • You can now password protect access to your data in the console.  Set this option in the main program preferences!


  • Performance, security, and feature update.  Updating to this version is highly recommended.


  • You can now import computers from RDP files.  This option is in the content pane while viewing a group.  Computers are imported into the group that is currently selected.
  • Lots of bug fixes and other changes requested by our users and clients.


  • You can now search and filter groups.  This was requested by a many people with a lot of groups in the console.
  • Bug fixes
  • A few nice (much needed) user interface enhancements


  • Happy Pi Day!!
  • Bug fixes in many areas of the console.  Many of them have been reported by people like you.  Report bugs as you see them by emailing  Please include screen shots if possible.
  • You can now tell the Active Directory scanner not to update the comments from AD and instead use your own comments in the console for the devices.  This was requested by multiple users.  You access this setting from the group properties box.
  • Updated the icons a bit on the main screen.  The old ones were looking fuzzy and dated.


  • RDP connections now support Remote Desktop Gateway servers.  Thank you to Robert Moore for suggesting this and lighting a fire under me to make this finally happen.   🙂
  • Since the last update there have been uncountable bug fixes, feature enhancements, and annoyance eliminations based upon emails from community members like yourself.
  • If you have features that you’d like to see in upcoming releases, please email and I will make sure that they land on my to-do list.


  • LOTS of new updates, additions, and changes since the last official release.
  • Bug fixes to resolve issues reported by people like you!


  • This is a roll-up containing a months worth of updates, fixes, and enhancements requested by the user community.


  • Fixed VNC deployment issues.
  • Updated RDP controls
  • Big fixes and updates


  • VENM now deploys the latest UltraVNC server and uses the latest UltraVNC viewer
  • Fixed deployment issues to older Windows XP desktops
  • Much faster VNC response time and login response
  • Bug fixes reported by the user community


  • More customer reported bug fixes and feature requests


  • Background scanner now resolves MAC addresses among other additional items to keep your lists of computers more up to date.
  • Bug fixes – most notable being the memory consumption from RDP tabs


  • Many bug fixes reported by community since last version.


  • You can now right-click a computer and choose to hide it so that it does not keep coming back with every network scan or active directory sync
  • More bug fixes.


  • Fixed a problem with the updater where it would not understand the update download location forcing a manual update.
  • Fixed 3 security issues.  One is VNC related and the other two are related to Windows patching.
  • Added a few performance enhancing features under the hood.


  • Significant improvements to the VNC deployment engine
  • Passwords with some special characters were getting in the way of functionality.  This was corrected.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed a VNC deployment bug when deploying UltraVNC over the network
  • Fixed other user reported bugs
  • Performance enhancements mainly related to background scanning and VNC connectivity.


  • Fixed authentication problems when running scripts and deploying VNC.  Especially if you have special characters and spaces in your password
  • Updated some security features in UltraVNC and TightVNC management
  • Other bug fixes and updates


  • Finally, the much awaited ability to sync a group directly to an Active Directory OU!  (Blog post to come)  You configure this option in the Group Properties window under the scanning options.
  • The background scanner will automatically keep the Active Directory synced groups updated with new computers while removing computers that are no longer in the synced OU
  • Computer Descriptions are synced from Active Directory in AD Synced groups.
  • Fixed problems when creating new groups
  • Fixed multiple UI and background operations that caused inconveniences and slow downs.
  • Fixed a problem starting up in some instances


  • Made changes to the thumbnail screenshots
  • Changes also made to the UltraVNC deployment tool
  • Bug fixes and improvements as reported by the user community


  • Added a seamless update manager to make updating to the (frequent) updates much easier
  • Fixed the tab order on many windows
  • Fixed the thumbnails tabs (remote screen capture) so that it closes and/or saves properly
  • Fixed some random crashes that happened for seemingly no reason (yea there’s a reason)
  • UltraVNC viewer fixes and some added caching for better performance


  • Updated to .NET 4.0 framework – should make for an easier install for most Windows builds
  • Fixed a problem with remotely enabling RDP over the network
  • Fixed a bug when changing the VNC password (Windows Auth) via the VENM wizard
  • More interface tweaks
  • Fixed multiple connectivity bugs


  • Interface tweaks
  • Bug fixes and security updates (mostly VNC related)


  • You can now launch your own custom commands against the computer in the selected RDP tab.  You can create the custom commands in the main VENM window by clicking on the link in the r”Common Tasks” pane.
  • More bug fixes and security updates


  • Added a drop down in the RDP tab toolbar where you can execute scripts remotely on the computer targeted by the open tab (assuming that there is no firewall blocking psexec.exe from communicating with the remote computer)
  • All of the fixes from the 6.18 beta plus a few more

2016.6.18 (Beta)

  • Fixed a problem with running MSI installers in remote scripts – process elevation bug
  • Changed the main toolbar to simplify and add room for more items
  • RDP performance fixes
  • VNC Deployment fixes


  • VNC deployment updates and fixes
  • Changes to the graphical interfaces focusing on the tab pieces
  • Changed the way that updates are applied to VENM from the notification button to require less steps.
  • Bug fixes and other enhancements as reported by customers


  • Fixed a problem where the console would freeze after extensive background scanning.
  • Other bug fixes and updates as reported by users


  • Significant bug fixes


  • Added new “Immediate Window” to the bottom of the main window.  It allows you to view a live log of what is happening behind the scenes in VENM
  • Bug fixes and security updates


  • VENM will remember your RDP tab connections upon re-launch.  This version adds a new dialog with check boxes allowing you to select the tabs to re-open.  Previous versions launched all or nothing.
  • VNC security improvements (viewer)
  • Deployment wizard bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the main window re-sizing
  • More bug fixes and enhancements as reported by people like you


  • Fixed a problem with the RDP tabs not getting focus correctly when switching between them
  • More related bug fixes and updates


  • Fixed the reported script export/import bug
  • Added more functionality to the graphical interface in various screens
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes


  • Fixed a problem with the database upgrade from previous versions
  • Fixed a problem with the remote script editor
  • Updated the interface some more


  • RDP Tabs – You can now click to close individual tabs using the button on the tab title making it easier to quickly close tabs
  • RDP Tabs – you can now rearrange tabs using drag/drop
  • Bug fixes – User reported bugs have been fixed


  • RDP Tabs – You can now shut down or reboot the remote computer from the tab menu as long as you are not blocked by a firewall and have configured a service account with appropriate access
  • RDP Tabs – There is a new drop down menu where you can choose to close just this tab or all open tabs
  • RDP Tabs – The currently selected computer is now shown in the upper right to make it clear which computer you are looking at
  • RDP Tabs – There is now a new red/green icon in the toolbar that tells you if the remote computer is responding to a ping.  It refreshes every 2 seconds
  • RDP Tabs – If you override the default RDP Resolution in the computer properties, it will now take effect
  • RDP Tabs – There is a new option in the main preferences to automatically close RDP tabs when you log off the session
  • RDP Tabs – When you disconnect or log off, the reason displayed now includes the date/time that it happened
  • Numerous bugs have been fixed and the interface has had many performance enhancements
  • SecureVNC has been set as the default UltraVNC encryption plugin


  • Fixed numerous bugs with the application startup under some conditions
  • Interface enhancements
  • UltraVNC Repeater compatibility update


  • Fixed a problem with the integrated browser being able to render pages in IE 11 mode.
  • Fixed a problem with the VENM shortcut causing an MSI repair each time that it was launched in some instances
  • Other bug fixes


  • More bug fixes and interface improvements (yep, more)
  • Fixed the browser integration to show web pages better, also


  • More bug fixes and interface improvements


  • Fixed some pretty serious bugs that have been reported by customers over the past couple of versions.  Highly recommend that you update to this release.
  • UltraVNC related updates and fixes (both server deployment and client)
  • Background scanning fixes


  • Retained Microsoft DotNet 2.0 compatibility to support customres running Windows XP
  • Fixed bugs with the remote screen shots.  Seems to be working on all Windows operating systems, now
  • Added a start-up dialog to set the service account if one does not exist.
  • Bug and security fixes


  • Added a new connect button in the toolbar that connects using the default connect action that you chose in the group or computer properties.
  • Made significant updates to the scanning processes
  • Updated some of the core libraries
  • Bug fixes and updates


  • Fixed an important bug with VNC Authentication.  Intermittent but annoying.
  • Other bug fixes


  • Migrated the code base to DotNet 4.5.  This was done to keep up with the Dotnet version that is shipped with the modern operating systems.  Please see the downloads page for a link.
  • Added the ability to open the Event Viewer on your networked Windows PC’s
  • Grapical and back end updates
  • Fixed bugs with the remote screen captures.  It was not working on some operating systems due to DotNet version differences.


  • Added the ability to bopen a web browser to port 80 or 443 from the toolbar for the selected computer
  • Bug fixes
  • Background scanner performance enhancements


  • more bug fixes that make the background scanning more reliable and faster.
  • Supporting pieces put into place for future functionality


  • Fixed a memory leak in the background scanner.  If you are not aware of this powerful feature, check out the blog for a great article on how it works!
  • Increased the spped and accuracy of the background scanning