Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager
The Swiss Army Knife For System Administrators


What is VENM Remote Desktop Manager?

VENM is the Swiss Army knife tool for Network and System Administrators.

It is packed with poweful tools that empowers you to remotely manage all of your desktops and servers easily from a single workstation.

With VENM, you can launch Microsoft RDP sessions into tabs, deploy VNC across your network, capture and archive remote screen shots into thumbnails, execute CMD and Powershell scripts across remote computers, and do a TON of other time saving administrative tasks.

The scope and depth of VENM's features along with the extremely low licensing cost makes this tool a must have for every Systems Administrator.

Download the fully functional 30 day trial here!

Remote Desktop

Network Management

  • Microsoft RDP Connection Manager
  • Deploy VNC to networked computers
  • Support for UltraVNC in Windows 7
  • Strong UltraVNC encryption support
  • VNC access while in safe mode
  • Wizard driven VNC deployment
  • Support for all major VNC distributions
  • Include additional registry files with VNC deployment
  • Multithreaded (super fast) VNC and RDP scanner
  • Windows domain authentication
  • Uninstall VNC Remotely
  • Remotely change VNC passwords
  • Full UltraVNC Encryption support
  • Thumbnail UltraVNC support
  • Custom Command Line Support
  • and more!
  • Execute scripts remotely
  • Edit hosts files remotely
  • Capture remote screens to jpeg
  • Remote Command Prompt
  • Monitor up/down state of VNC, RDP, and Ping
  • Ping monitoring for uptime
  • SSH for remote management
  • RDP Connection Manager
  • Remotely execute CMD, VBS, KIX, and Auto-IT scripts
  • Wake On LAN Magic Packet support
  • Remotely reboot with safe mode support
  • Remotely enable/disable Microsoft RDP Services
  • Extend the console with custom commands
  • Find who is logged into remote computers
  • Remotely change Windows passwords in mass
  • View installed software remotely
  • Manage processes remotely
  • Computer Management MMC Integration
  • System Information MMC Integration
  • Remotely Rename Workstations
  • and more!




How do you remote desktop?

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