What’s new in VNCScan version 2009.11.11

This is the second release in a week from Bozteck.  Here’s what’s in this one:


  • Interface updates
    • Combined the top tool bars and menu into one for more real estate on the screen
    • Modified the way that the VNC versions are listed in the deployment tool (to make more sense)
  • Updated to the latest UltraVNC 1.0.8 Server and Viewer
  • Fixed an annoyance on some computers where selecting an RDP tab didn’t directly select the RDP session (causing a beeping sound and no interaction)
  • Added an RDP toolbar button for Full Screen
  • Added an RDP toolbar button to toggle stretching (stretches the RDP window to size when the whole window is resized)
  • Updated the remote screen thumbnails feature to better detect the method of capture based upon operating system and other environmental factors. Should be faster to update and use even less resources on the remote computers.
  • Fixed the remote thumbnails failure on some Windows 7 computers
  • Fixed a bug with the "Deploy to selected" toolbar menu item that caused it to only select the first computer of a multiple selection.