Remote Desktop Screen Captures



VNCScan has had remote screen captures for about a year, now, but the latest version has brought that feature more front and center for you.  With only a few clicks, you can now capture the screen of a remote computer to your console.

To use this feature, you will need to supply remote administrator level credentials to VNCScan so that it can access the desktop resources on the remote computers.  You can set this easily in the group or computer properties

Here are some basic requirements:

  • You must supply Administrative access to the remote computer
  • Firewall must allow connection to TCP 445 and 139 for file transfers
  • Remote computers must be Windows 2000 SP4 or better
  • Someone must be logged onto the remote computer or no screen will capture

How To

    You can get to this feature on an individual desktop by simply right-clicking on a computer and then choosing VNCScan Capture Screen

    You can also place the screen captures into a thumbnail view so that you can monitor an entire lab or classroom in one screen.  To do this, simply right-click a computer, then choose Thumbnails, then choose to either add it to a new tab window or add it to an existing one.  It’s that simple!

    The remote screen capture feature in VENM does not require that VNC or any other client software be installed or running on the remote computer.  It uses Bozteck patented technology to automatically snap a capture of the remote desktop with the lightest footprint of any other application we’ve ever seen!

Check it out!

You can download a fully functional trial of Bozteck VENM console here.