Piracy Plea

There are currently a number of websites that are hosting cracks for the latest version of this software. I want to put out an alert to anyone who may try it out that their “crack” contains a pretty nasty trojan that lets them spy on your computer and use it as a zombie. I guess that’s the risk that you always take when using keygens and cracks. This one in particular is really nasty, though.

With that being said, I also want to let everyone know that Bozteck isn’t some huge company that the Pirates are “sticking it to”. Every license purchase puts food on my family’s table and every theft of the software is felt by the entire family.

I work as hard as I can to support this software even better than those huge companies that compete with Bozteck. VNCScan costs a tiny fraction of what theirs does, too! While I don’t believe that all software should be free, I believe that it should be affordable by all. That is why the price is only $59 for the per-admin license. I also refuse to charge for each managed computer. With that one per-admin license, you can manage thousands of computers at no added costs.

If my hard work has made your life easier in any way, please consider buying a very inexpensive license for this software. My whole family thanks you.

Steve Bostedor
VNCscan Author

  • I would just like to say that I absolutely love your software and am so pleased that I could trial it for 30 days before purchasing. I have not regretted it one iota and as I add more admins to our company I will be purchasing additional licenses.

    Thank you for making such a rock-solid product.

  • collectek

    here here! Having no company to utilize this yet — I still jumped on the opportunity to purchase this software …after 24 hours of trial mode I knew this was a must for my personal tool kit ! With your service, support, updates, low cost (otherwise I would not been able to personally afford this), and product VNCscan becomes a great central focus to remote administraton in any environment. Thank You for making this product possible Steve. Thank You for following up with our questions and hearing us…. now it is time for the public to listen and make a stand for this great product.

  • fthrjack

    I love the software Steve, you might know me as “FthrJACK” from msfn.org (no not troy mclure!)

    I love what VNCscan does, and it saved me making something like it myself (it wouldnt have had so much effort and care put into it for starters!), would have been loads of hassle. Why reinvent the wheel? especially when its done so well and theres a huge amount of work and thought gone into it.
    VNCScan makes administering large portions of my Network much much easier and faster, leaving me more time to get on with the 'round-tuit' stuff. Making me and my collegues much more productive and the boss much happier. Its worth more than its asking price!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Chris

    “I work as hard as I can to support this software even better than those huge companies that compete with Bozteck.”

    I have sent five emails regarding support and have not received anything back. My contact details are attached to this post.


    • sbostedor


      I don't see any contact information attached. Can you please email me directly at sbostedor at vncscan.com? I would like to resolve your issue as well as research the breakdown in communication.

  • Chris

    “I work as hard as I can to support this software even better than those huge companies that compete with Bozteck.”

    I have sent five emails regarding support and have not received anything back. My contact details are attached to this post.


  • terryashland

    I purchased the software almost immediately after trying it for a short time. It does everything I need plus some. I am still finding features I didn't know it had. It sure saves me time as an admin not to walk around to every workstation. I think the software is worth much more than he asks for it.

  • Name

    You have our support. We only use one license at the moment, but the software is invaluable.

    Colin Crawford
    Ethos Recycling Ltd

  • jaylewis

    Well stated Steve. We enjoy your software and it saves us time by having many admin tasks in one console.

  • Very useful software. 10x for updating it. Maybe the only software i bought for myself and using mainly at the office…

  • Jimbo1050

    Well done & said. We have been using this software for about 1.5 yrs. Have 3 admin licenses and renewed support after 1 yr. I wish I has a dollar for each hour of time it has saved our not-for-profit agency supporting about 300 systems at various locations. Recommend it to anyone I can.

  • Matt R

    We are a financially troubled school and we still paid for a license because your software is MORE than fairly priced. I hate to see this happen to such a good small company. I hope it doesn't hurt your revenue to badly. I think this post is a good start to make people think twice.

    • Matt R

      I forgot, I plan on spreading the word now to all the schools in our district and try to get them to switch from the expensive packages they use to monitor students in computer labs. I already have 2 possible teachers and a computer lab. And you can bet I will ensure that each pays for a license.

      Keep up the good work, and the trial made all the difference in the decision

  • Russ Smith

    Would also like to say how much I love your software Steve!

    Never found anything to touch it for features and price!

    It's a shame there are those out there who wish to ruin it for everyone else!

  • sbostedor

    Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the support. For the past decade, VNCScan has evolved from a very simple “VNC bookmark” tool into the software that it is today. I am excited about the future of this tool as I learn more from you to find ways to keep making it better.

    Most of the current feature set has come directly from people using the software every day. I love hearing from you and working your ideas into the software to make your job at least a little bit easier.

    Thank you again,

    Steve Bostedor

  • Cody

    As a fellow developer myself, when i came across this piece of software i was blown away at the licenseing cost. I pirate just about every piece of software i have on my machine, all from the big name companies who think for some damn reason they should charge full price per license per machine. It is sad to even hear that someone has stuped so low as to even waste their time trying to crack a program such as this. Your generosity is as amazing as your program its self. I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough to purchase this software!!!

  • Joe Beez

    We've renewed this software two years running (through the credit crunch where software purchases came to a halt), and will be doing so for the forseeable future. The effort you've put into this product really shines through Steve, and I hope you continue to support it for many years to come.

    I remember recommending an idea on the forums a few months back, and it making it into the next release after a brief chat with you on the forums. If only more companies supported their products in such a way!

  • aimehughes

    Two years working with Bozteck. I work in a high school as a computer skills teacher. I have students that work Help Desk for me and this is a great piece of software. We recently went to VISTA and Bozteck did not work with my VNC but I finally got it to work the way I needed it to work to allow my student to work on computers with giving up any passwords. Last week I gave a talk on my Help Desk to many schools in my district they were very interested in your software. I make sure I get a license every year it is a small price to pay for what I can do with your product. Thank you

  • timbra

    I have been using this product for 2 years now, I am the Network Systems Administrator for a Health Department with over 70 users. At times it is a godsend to be able to VNC to a pc and resolve minor problem quickly when I am busy than to go to the workstation directly. also the other managment features help greatly as I have been working through some network issues. I have priced other managment software and believe me this is the best buy for the price and has more features than other programs that I have used in the past that cost over $2,000.00, so Kudos to you my friend and keep fighting the good fight.

  • Jim

    Software piracy is theft – no bones about it….. and there are so many opportunities to trial good software before purchase that there is no excuse!!!
    Australian law and US law is clear — piracy is a crime.
    What car dealer would let you borrow a car to use however you want for 30 days and not expect to get paid. And if you took it without their permission ….. expect a holiday behind bars!!!!
    Oh,.. and a pretty neat app for managing a mixed environment of MAC and PC. I have been a user for 12 months.