Missing Data After an Upgrade


There have been a few reports of missing groups and other data after an upgrade to version 2010.2.4 of VNCScan.  While we’re tracking down what may have caused this for some of you, I want to post a quick how-to to help you get thing back up and going on your own.  It appears to only be happening to people who have modified the location of the stored data files from the default location.


  1. Click on the main Preferences


  2. Click on the Support Files section


  3. Click on the Change button for the location of the data root:
  4. Browse for the location where your VNCScan data is stored.  This is the folder that contains the subfolders of Data, Jobs, and Profiles.


  5. Click OK.  When prompted to move the data from the original place, choose NO


  6. Choose OK to the settings Window and all of your groups should show back up.  You may need to restart the program.
  • Ed Carson

    I don't recall changing the default loation and cannot seem to restore a backup. Any suggestions?

  • Royce

    I am one who has the data and profiles in a location other than default – on a network drive where I've had them for years. I can't get the 2010.2.4 version to use the groups.xml file and data in that folder no matter what I do. The work around does not work for me. I simply uninstalled that version and went back to the 2009.12.7.200 previous version, changed the data location as I always need to do, and that version continues to work fine. No complaints, I know you'll get the problem resolved. By the way, I love VNC Console. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours of admin time it saves me every day, let alone year after year. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated!

  • mattcorbett

    I had this issue, but I'm using the default locations….After upgrading to 2010.2.4 and noticing that my data was missing, I tried a restore using the VENM backup manager. That didn't work, so I reinstalled 2010.1.22.201, and tried the restore again to no avail. Finally, I was able to get everything back by restoring a snapshot of the BZteck program files and MydocsVNCScan directories that I had copied to an alternate location before attempting the upgrade. So I'm back up and running on 2010.1.22. 201 .