Default Connect Action – Bozteck VENM

Did you know that you can choose what connection action happens when you double-click on a device in Bozteck VENM?

By default, VENM will attempt to connect to a VNC server on the remote computer unless you step in and make a change in the group or device preferences┬ádepending on the scope that you’d like the default to change for.

You can tell VENM to default to these three connection types:

  • VNC – This will lunch VNCViewer.exe aimed at the remote computer’s address
  • RDP – This will open a new RDP tab and connect to the selected computer
  • Telnet – This will open a Putty telnet connection on port 23 to the selected computer
  • SSH – This will open an SSH connection on port 22 to the selected computer
  • Custom Command – This will let you choose from a list of custom commands and will launch the selected custom command as the connect action aimed at the computer

connect actions

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