KB2918614 Causing UltraVNC Deployment Error 1603


We have had numerous reports of a Microsoft update KB2918614 that is breaking the Windows Installer functionality in Windows 7 and up.  Microsoft has confirmed that this to be a problem so we suggest that you block this update until they release an updated patch.  This is causing remote deployments to return an error 1603 similar to what you see below.

C:tempultra109.exe exited on with error code 1603.

We want to stress that this is not a bug in VNCScan.  This update is causing havoc all over the Internet.


To remedy this situation you will need to uninstall this Windows update.  You can do so from the add/remove programs on each remote computer or by running a remote script on each of them using VNCScan.  The script below will perform this action for you.


wusa /uninstall /kb:2918614 /quiet /forcerestart