Error: Multiple connections to a server or shared … are not allowed.

You may get an error stating: “Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed” when deploying VNC to remote computers or running scripts remotely.


This error goes way back to the early days of Windows networking and it’s shameful that Microsoft hasn’t corrected it, yet. A Windows computer can connect to a network resource such as a remote share only once with a single set of credentials.

For example, if I log onto the domain as boztecksteveb and map a drive to \server1share1 using that account, I can not later issue a command to connect to \server1share2 supplying alternate user credentials in the command line. My computer can only authenticate me against \server1 once. If I try, I will get the error above.

The Work Around

There’s a simple way to trick Windows into thinking that \server1 is a completely different machine, allowing you to authenticate against it a second time. If the IP address for \server1 is, you simply reference it by that IP address of \ and pass it the set of credentials required to connect. Windows treats \server1 and \ as completely different machines!

You can do this in VNCScan in a few locations depending on the scope that you wish to apply. Most people just do it globally in the main program preferences.

There’s an option there labeled, “Use IP address instead of HostName”. Checking this box will allow you to get around this error. There is a similarly worded checkbox in both the group properties and computer properties.

Maybe some day Microsoft will widen up this limitation but until then, this should get you by.

  • Tom A

    Great workarround – saved my day. All the other solutions I have found required a reboot (NOT an option on a terminal server 🙂

  • Stuart

    This work around worked. I thought about it before I came to this site. Nah…stupid thought. Well, I’m wrong. I am going from Vista Ultimate to Windows 2008. The problem persisted to longhorn. You would thing they would address this issue. Thanks for being there and I have bookmarked this site!!!