Error: Could not write to [path]vncscan.cmd

We’ve had a few reports of the error:

Error writing to “C:users[username]appdataroamingbozteckvncscan console.net2008.8.6.231vncscan.cmd

This error occurrs when the beyondexecv2.exe is missing from the program folder. The quick way to fix this is to do an add/remove of vncscan and then run the setup again.

The manual fix for this is to copy the beyondexecv2.exe file from c:fastpushvnc7utils folder into the “C:Program FilesBozteckVNCScan Console .NET” folder.

  • Fireball

    Also getting error during VNC push, but it is looking for the file in “C:Program FilesBozteckVNCScan Enterprise Network Manager”

    I put it here and in the .Net folder you mentioned in your post.

    It’s working now.

  • Dayjo

    One of the reasons for this is because of Symantec or other antiviruses removing beyondexec because it thinks it’s a virus.

  • Ron van Sprundel

    The solution you give does not give any other result.
    The file beyondexecv2.exe is already in the “C:Program FilesBozteckVNCScan Console .NET” folder.
    Do you have other solutions?


    • sbostedor

      Have you tried switching your scripting engine to psexec in the main program