VNCScan 2012 Database Edition Beta

Bozteck takes pride in making complicated tasks simple.  That has been the philosophy behind VNCScan for the past 13 years.  We’re making some really COOL changes to the product to do just that. Historical Overview When the first versions of our VNC Manager were released way back in 1999, the data was stored in a Read more about VNCScan 2012 Database Edition Beta[…]

VNCScan Remote Desktop Manager 2012 Released

  [Download VNCScan 2012.1.1]   Change log Updated to the latest version of UltraVNC for remote deployment Redesigned much of the interface to make things even more intuitive.  You can see a screen shot of the new form here. Added a button to the main form common tasks to enable RDP Remote Desktop on computers Read more about VNCScan Remote Desktop Manager 2012 Released[…]

Deploying SecureVNC Encryption for UltraVNC

The latest release of VNCScan (2011.3.27) has started the move from the old UltraVNC msrc4plugin_noreg.dsm encryption plugin to the newer and more supported SecureVNCPlugin.dsm. The main reason for this move was the lack of 64 bit support in the old plugin as well as its requirement for a manually generated RC4 encryption key to be Read more about Deploying SecureVNC Encryption for UltraVNC[…]

UltraVNC and Windows 7 CTRL+ALT+DEL

Update: The latest releases of VNCScan no longer require this work around for CTRL + ALT + DEL (SUPER).  It is supported natively. ————————————————— UltraVNC has had some pretty big issues with sending the CTRL + ALT + DEL combination to Windows 7 when UAC (User Access Control) is turned off (or on in some Read more about UltraVNC and Windows 7 CTRL+ALT+DEL[…]

VNC Deployment Using Bozteck VENM Console

Overview This guide will describe the procedures and various options when deploying VNC on your network to Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Server using the tools in VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager (VENM).  We’ll move through each of the screens and give an overview of each of the settings and what they do.  We’ll conclude Read more about VNC Deployment Using Bozteck VENM Console[…]

VNCScan 2010.2.9.205 has been released

If you’ve been having problems with your groups and computers reverting to the default upon the previous update, this version should resolve that issue.  I apologize for the rough process in the last version upgrade.  Measures have been put into place to prevent this  from happening again.  Please let us know if you experience any Read more about VNCScan 2010.2.9.205 has been released[…]

Stable Release 2010.2.4.204 Released!

We’ve posted the latest release of Bozteck VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager (VENM) to our downloads page today! If you saw that there was a version 2010.2.3 and downloaded it before we could correct the error, you probably downloaded a (less than stable) beta version instead of this release.  Please re-download the update to be sure Read more about Stable Release 2010.2.4.204 Released![…]

Whitepaper – UltraVNC Encryption Overview

Introduction Bozteck VENM Console can deploy UltraVNC with session level encryption enabled. This is recommended in network environments where you fear that your VNC session may be “sniffed” from the network and replayed back without your knowledge. The risk of someone successfully doing this on your LAN is very low as it does require a Read more about Whitepaper – UltraVNC Encryption Overview[…]