Remote Desktop Tabbed View Changes 1

RDP Tabbed View Changes in VENM 2016.5.1

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager has introduced a few significant changes in the RDP tabs in version 2016.5.1. ¬†Below, you will see an overview of each of them. Close Tab When Logging Off You can now select this check box in the main program preferences to tell VENM that you’d like the selected RDP tab Read more about RDP Tabbed View Changes in VENM 2016.5.1[…]

Deploying SecureVNC Encryption for UltraVNC

The latest release of VNCScan (2011.3.27) has started the move from the old UltraVNC msrc4plugin_noreg.dsm encryption plugin to the newer and more supported SecureVNCPlugin.dsm. The main reason for this move was the lack of 64 bit support in the old plugin as well as its requirement for a manually generated RC4 encryption key to be Read more about Deploying SecureVNC Encryption for UltraVNC[…]