Thumbnailed Remote Screen Captures in VENM Console

Overview Bozteck VENM Console includes a powerful remote screen capturing feature. This feature does not require that VNC or any other remote screen sharing software be installed in order to work. There are a few system requirements on the remote computer end, however. Those requirements are as follows: UnFirewalled ports 443 (TCP) and 139 (UDP, Read more about Thumbnailed Remote Screen Captures in VENM Console[…]

Sharing Scripts On A Network

As you probably know, VENM allows you to push and execute many types of scripts remotely on PC’s that are connected to your network (and that you have administrative access to). We’ve been getting a ton of requests for the ability to share these amongst administrators on your network. By default, the scripts are in Read more about Sharing Scripts On A Network[…]

Version 2007.12.12.122 Released

Download: Release Notes: 2007.12.12.122 New: We put a line in the help/about box to tell you how many more days of free upgrades are left for your product key. Also, when you click the link inside of the console to download an update, it will warn you if your free upgrade period has expired. Read more about Version 2007.12.12.122 Released[…]