KB2918614 Causing UltraVNC Deployment Error 1603

Overview We have had numerous reports of a Microsoft update KB2918614 that is breaking the Windows Installer functionality in Windows 7 and up.  Microsoft has confirmed that this to be a problem so we suggest that you block this update until they release an updated patch.  This is causing remote deployments to return an error Read more about KB2918614 Causing UltraVNC Deployment Error 1603[…]

Great resource for remote CMD scripts!

One of our users has created a website to share his scripts.  There are some really useful ones up there so it may be worth your time to browse them. You can use these scripts in VNCscan to remotely manage your computers.  Here’s how: From the main menu, click Tools Click “Scripting and Commands” Click Read more about Great resource for remote CMD scripts![…]

How To Push Adobe Flash Updates Over the Network

Adobe Flash Player has been the target of many security attacks lately due to its inherent security flaws.  Adobe updates the Flash player frequently. It’s very difficult to get all of the systems on your network updated because it requires Administrator permissions to apply the updates.  There aren’t any inexpensive tools for pushing these updates Read more about How To Push Adobe Flash Updates Over the Network[…]

VNC Deployment Using Bozteck VENM Console

Overview This guide will describe the procedures and various options when deploying VNC on your network to Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Server using the tools in VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager (VENM).  We’ll move through each of the screens and give an overview of each of the settings and what they do.  We’ll conclude Read more about VNC Deployment Using Bozteck VENM Console[…]

Data Files, Folders, and Locations

The recent changes in VNCScan has revealed some confusion regarding the data files, their locations, and what they all do.  For a historical primer, you may want to start with this blog post. Key Data Folders The data files are stored in three key folders; Data – Stores all of your program settings, group settings, Read more about Data Files, Folders, and Locations[…]

Deploying VNC To Computers (Updated)

Introduction Bozteck VENM Console makes it very easy to deploy many versions of the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) remote control software to desktops and servers on your network. With VENM, you simply create a template of settings called a Deployment Profile, select some computers, and choose to deploy VNC to them from the toolbar. Using Read more about Deploying VNC To Computers (Updated)[…]