Version 2007.11.28.9 Released


This was supposed to be just a bug fix release but I decided to slip in a couple of features to make it worth the download. I know that the new features weren’t blockbuster features but there are more coming that should make up for it.

The main visible new addition is the support for TightVNC view-only password in the deployment wizard. This has been requested a number of times so I hope that it is something that makes VENM more valuable to you.

I know that a lot of people are eagerly awaiting Vista support in the VNC deployment wizard. We’ve been waiting on the guys at UltraVNC to finish the 1.0.4 release that will be fully Vista compatible but until then, there has been a lot of behind the scenes coding inside the VENM software in preparation.

One small hint of that development can be seen in a new file that is created in your My DocumentsVNCScanprofiles folder called ultravnc.ini. The new version of UltraVNC server will use this file for it’s settings instead of the registry. Theoretically, you could download the setup from, install it, and copy the binary files into c:fastpushvnc7ultra and deploy it to Vista. This has’t been fully tested, yet, but that’s the idea.

Thank you for taking an interest in VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager.


Steve Bostedor