UltraVNC and Windows 7 CTRL+ALT+DEL

Update: The latest releases of VNCScan no longer require this work around for CTRL + ALT + DEL (SUPER).  It is supported natively.


UltraVNC has had some pretty big issues with sending the CTRL + ALT + DEL combination to Windows 7 when UAC (User Access Control) is turned off (or on in some cases).  We have heard from many users that sending this sequence has no effect on the remote computer.

To date, the developers at UltraVNC have not released a fixed version for this.  We’re impatient around here so we decided to create our own working fix and release it in VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager version 2010.9.21.

The updated deployment tool adjusts settings on the remote system during deployment to fix this issue.  This means that if you ever toggle UAC on the remote system for any reason, you will need to re-deploy UltraVNC to it using the deployment tool in VNCScan.  For most people, this is a “set it and forget it” feature in Windows so.

You may also need to deploy again if you have deployed UltraVNC in the past with previous versions of VNCScan or if you installed UltraVNC manually.  Those previous versions do not have knowledge of this work around and the settings were not toggled.

If you do turn UAC on or off after you have deployed UltraVNC to the computer, you will need to first reboot the desktop, then deploy UltraVNC to it again using the deployment tool inside VNCScan.

While this is an exciting development for users of VNCScan, I know that this isn’t the best fix in the world.  It’s the best that we can do until the great developers at UltraVNC release an officially patched release of their server software.

Steps for changing UAC on a computer

  1. Turn on or off UAC using the control panel applet
  2. Deploy UltraVNC to the computer
  3. Reboot the computer

You can download the latest release here.