Stable Release 2010.2.4.204 Released!

We’ve posted the latest release of Bozteck VNCScan Enterprise Network Manager (VENM) to our downloads page today!

If you saw that there was a version 2010.2.3 and downloaded it before we could correct the error, you probably downloaded a (less than stable) beta version instead of this release.  Please re-download the update to be sure that you’re on the stable code base.

We’ve done some more work to make moving your data files around much easier.  You can modify the root location (the folder that contains the data, profiles, and jobs folders) in the main program preferences in the “Support Files” section.

If you’re moving the data to somewhere on the same volume, you can simply hit the “Change” button and browse to a folder where you want them to be.  When prompted, let the program move the files for you into that location.

If you’re moving to a network location or another volume, manually create that destination folder and copy the data, profiles, and jobs folders into that new destination folder.  After this is completed, follow the steps above and answer “No” when asked if the program should move the files for you.

  • yadie099

    The start page (blog) that displays when the console is started has always generated an error (which I usually ignore). I THINK it had stopped in one of the recent betas, but came back. Script error, line 1, char 1, syntax error, url:
    Can it be fixed? It's a slight nuisance. Is it only IE that generates this error?

    Why does the Update process open an external browser window if we are already using the browser in the Console?

    Thanks for fixing the Video driver deployment issue. I had stopped using it and resorted to using my own deployment process for it.