New Release Coming Soon

The folks at UltraVNC are getting ready to release version 1.0.5 of their popular Windows-based VNC server and client. We are working hard to incorporate this release into our deployment wizard and all of the other needed areas of the VNCScan software.

We anticipate a release containing the updated deployment and viewer files before the end of this week. If you are an existing VNCScan customer, you should see an update notification in your main VNCScan toolbar once the release has been pushed out.

UltraVNC is a leading remote desktop and screen sharing tool. It is opened source and free. This means that anyone can view and edit the source code with no charge. You can download a stand-alone copy of their installer at their website.

VNCScan can also push UltraVNC, among other brands of VNC, to desktops on your network using a wizard.