Bug fix release coming soon

I apologize for the length of time between release lately. There have been a few pesky bugs that I’ve been working on that I want to make complete sure that they are fixed before releasing the next version.

There are so many cool features in the program already that I’m having trouble finding new things to add without turning VENM into bloat ware. If you have ideas, please let me know. I love adding things that make life easier on overworked Network Admins. Even the smallest addition or tweak could make a big difference.

Another contributor to the length of time between updates is the work on the Vista compatible push mechanism. The guys at UltraVNC have been working hard on a stable Vista compatible release of VNC and I’ve been working with them to work out the best way to deploy it remotely.

The changes that Microsoft has made to Vista have made it very difficult to remotely manage the operating system with third party tools like we did in XP. It doesn’t help that the guys at UltraVNC decided to pick now to make a change from using the Windows registry to store VNC configuration data to using INI files. Typically, I’d welcome the change but things are already tuff to adapt to with Vista. This adds even more of a barrier that we need to overcome.

For now, you can download the standard UltraVNC server 1.0.4 beta from their website and install it manually on a Vista computer. If you do this, you can remote control it using VENM with no problems. I’ve even created a silent install for our customers that you can download here.

So, anyways, I plan to release the bug fix release with a couple of new features on April 2nd. It would probably be available on the 1st but I don’t want people thinking it’s an April Fools joke because it has been so long. 😉

Comments are welcome.