Background Scanning and Alerting Features in 2009.1.20


New in 2009, Bozteck includes background service scanning and alerting to it’s powerful Enterprise Network Manager. This paper is a brief explanation of how it works and how to best take advantage of this new feature.

Usage and Benefits

Background scanning allows you to see an accurate view of what computers are running the VNC and RDP services as well as what computers are currently pingable on your network. You set the amount of time between scans in the main program preferences and then let VENM fo the rest!

The powerful alerting features keep you up to date on what is happening even when you’re away from your desk. Each of these actions can be set in the group properties and overridden by the computer properties. Below is an overview of available alerting and actions.

  • When a computer goes offline
    • Send an email to a designated address
    • Run a local custom command such as “PING -t %HOST%” or any other command that you have created using the Custom Commands feature in VENM.
  • When a computer comes back online
    • Send an email to a designated address
    • Auto-connect to VNC once the VNC service has been detected
    • Run a script remotely on the computer once Windows has been fully loaded. This is a powerful way to schedule a script if the computer is currently not online.

How It Works

There is a decision tree method being employed for determining if a computer should be probed in the background. This decision tree is explained in the following bullet points.

  • Scanning is enabled in the program preferences
    • Scanning is enabled in the group settings
      • Computer is inheriting settings from the group
        • Scan the computer according to group settings
      • Computer is overriding group settings
        • Services are selected in the computer settings
          • Scan the selected services
        • Services are NOT selected in the computer settings
          • Skip this computer in the group scan
    • Scanning is NOT enabled in the group settings
      • Skip the entire group from background scanning
  • Scanning is disabled in the program preferences
    • Do no background scans at all


We’re excited about these new features in the VENM Console and will continue to build upon them. We would love to hear your feedback about this! Let us know what you think at