New feature Possibility

We’re thinking about adding the ability to lock down certain portions of the application in a password protected “Limited” mode that is very much like the Parental controls in Windows.

The default mode would be full rights.  You would set it into “Limited Mode” in the program preferences and set the password there also.

Is this something that you would find useful?

  • Not really. Just top level admins using it at our site. I did set it up with dropbox sync and love that!

  • Marc Hopkins

    Yes… that would be helpful. We delegate admin tasks within departments, and would like to deploy limited funvtionaly to some administrative folks as well. Couple this with the shared groups functionality, and you’ve got a hit!nn

  • Jeff Reitmayer

    We only have 2 people using this software. I doubt this would do us much good.

  • PhazeThree

    I would rather see some type of way to keep and track connection times for billing. I know this has been tossed around some before, but I thought I remembered an option in a previous version that had some type of report similar to this but it disappeared. This would be a better added feature to me. I bill based on how much time spent on a job, as do a lot of others here. u00a0