May 8, 2016

Introducing Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager


Screen Shot
Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop manager


 The Swiss Army Knife For System Administrators

Download for free and try it out for yourself!
Vdm8V Launch RDP sessions in tabbed viewers
Vdm8V Deploy and manage VNC securely across your entire network
Vdm8V Create and run PowerShell and CMD scripts on remote PC’s
Vdm8V  Manage your switches, routers, and Linux computers with SSH
Vdm8V  View and edit startup programs on remote PC’s
Vdm8V Remotely enable and disable RDP on networked computers
Vdm8V Capture and archive screenshots of networked computers
Vdm8V Over 30 more powerful management solutions packed into a single console!