Happy Sysadmin Day from Bozteck!

HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY!!! I know that you get very little thanks from those who need you the most and I can’t let that happen here at Bozteck! You are the reason that VENM exists and I am truly thankful for each person who has supported us through the years with license purchases and awesome feedback! Read more about Happy Sysadmin Day from Bozteck![…]

New Bozteck Remote Desktop Manager Released

Bozteck has updated the VENM Remote Desktop Manager to meet the compatibility and functionality demands of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 desktop operating system. Bozteck VENM is an enterprise ready remote desktop management console priced low enough to be affordable for mid to small sized organizations as well as individual consultants.  Read more about Bozteck VENM here. Read more about New Bozteck Remote Desktop Manager Released[…]

Bozteck VENM Upgrade Pricing

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop has always been the most affordable remote systems management tool of it’s kind. Today, keeping current on the latest version is even more affordable! Current Licensing Model Every per-admin license includes a full year of free upgrades. Every site license includes TWO full years of free upgrades for your entire company. Read more about Bozteck VENM Upgrade Pricing[…]

Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager

And the winner is!!! Based upon the feedback of our customers, we have decided upon this as our new application icon. Thank you so much for all of the great opinions.  Choosing between all of the options was difficult to say the least and I must say that this design has been one of my Read more about Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager[…]

VENM 2014.12.16 Deploys UltraVNC

The latest version 2014.12.16 now deploys UltraVNC to computers using our easy VNC deployment tool that is built right into the VENM Console. If you are running an earlier build of VNCScan, you will want to upgrade to this release as there has been many security and performance upgrades in this build of UltraVNC. Read more about VENM 2014.12.16 Deploys UltraVNC[…]