Backup/Restore VENM Data



You can effectively backup all of your VNCScan data by backing up your <My Documents>VNCScan folder as long as you have installed it with files in their default location.   Restoring the files to that same location will get you back up and running again quickly after a reinstall of VNCScan.

Don’t just rely upon the backup/restore feature in VNCScan.  Everyone should back up the files to an offline media to avoid slow corruption issues that are a risk for any data driven application such as VNCScan. 

How VENM Stores Data

Most data in VNCScan centers around the groups.xml file. This means that most other data resides in the same folder as this file. When you change the location of the groups.xml file in the main VNCScan preferences, much of the other data follows suit.

The default location for VNCScan data is under your “My Documents” folder inside a subfolder of “VNCScandata”. If you browse that folder with Windows Explorer, you will see a lot of XML files.

There are a few key files that have special meaning. Here they are with their functions:

· Settings.xml – This file holds all of the initial settings for the console. It contains any customized file locations such as an alternate location for the groups.xml along with anything else that is global to the application.

· Groups.xml – This holds all of your group names along with their settings. You will find XML files in the same folder named after the group names, also. These files hold the computers and their settings.

For instance, if you have a group named “Default”, it would be listed in the groups.xml as well as have its own file named default.xml to hold it’s computers. It is separated out like this to improve performance.

· ConnectionLogs.xml – This holds the connection logs for each computer. It resides in the same folder as the groups.xml and moves with it.

· Computername_maint.xml – The Computername is any computer name with a maintenance log. These files store the maintenance logs for the computers.

Note: There is also a file called settings.xml located in the VNCScan program folder. That file should be backed up and restored with the rest of your data.

Other folders worth noting under ‘My DocumentsVNCScan’ are:

· Jobs – Stores all of the remote scripts and their settings

· Profiles – Stores all of your VNC deployment profiles and their settings

Backing Up Your Data

These are the default folder locations that you should be backing up regularly:

· ‘My documentsVNCScan’

· ‘C:Program FilesBozteckVNCScan Console .NET’

· ‘C:fastpush’

Restoring Your Data

1. Close the VNCScan console and any open VNC sessions

2. Restore the data from your backup into the proper locations

3. Launch VNCScan Console.