VNC in Vista – Finally!

The current release of VNCScan has a working beta method of deploying UltraVNC version 1.0.4 to Vista computers! We are the first to market with this feature!

While 90% of it has been fully tested and working, there are still some minor missing pieces that you may run into. We don’t know what they are so we’re relying upon you to let us know what you find.

Here’s a quick run-though for deploying UltraVNC to Vista in the upcoming version 2008.6.1:

  1. Launch the deployment wizard as usual
  2. Create a new profile and select “Ultra104” as the version
  3. Set a VNC password (even if you’re going to use MS Auth)
  4. Blow through the rest of the wizard answering questions as you see fit.
  5. Watch the deployment process – some errors in the script are normal but others can mean things went badly.


You will want to make sure that Network Discovery and File Sharing has been turned on for your Vista computers. A firewall and stopped services can keep the good guys out as well as the bad guys.

If things didn’t work, please post the output of the script here, editing out anything that you feel that you can not freely share on a forum post.