The Geoscribe Project


I don’t normally post about other projects that I am involved with to the Bozteck blog but I would like to make an exception for this one if you don’t mind.  I promise not to do it often.

About a year and a half ago, I had an idea. As I traveled about, I saw often saw things and places that must have a story behind them but I had no tour guide to tell me those stories.

I decided that I would create an open (creative commons) and free way for anyone to pick a place, tell the story about it, and share it with the world.  I also wanted a way for anyone to create their own tours or Pintrest styled collections of those places into bucket lists.

I called upon Philippe Green whom I had originally teamed up with to write VNCScan back in the late 1990’s.  He was very excited about the idea because he also had wanted something like this for a very long time.

Later, we recruited a very talented mobile app developer name Jon Durbin and together, we create what is today being unveiled to the world as The Geoscribe Project. 

I would be honored if you would take some time to experience Geoscribe, contribute a few places, or just browse around already added places, and tell me what you think.

The web address is


Thank you!


Steve Bostedor